KLD Power Supply Semiconductor laser driver ( KLD Power Supply Series) with temperature control Specifications



This is a low-noise LD controller designed for use in R&D and production lines to drive laser diodes safely and stably. The product consists of a surge prevention circuit, a slow start slow down circuit, a wiring error search circuit, a current limiter circuit, and a temperature control error detection circuit as LD protection parts, and is designed to flash an LED as an alarm when various errors are activated. The LD drive section incorporates an auto current control circuit (ACC circuit), auto power control circuit (APC circuit), LD common type selection switching circuit, and ACC/APC drive switching switch.


The ACC circuit is designed to control the drive current with an accuracy of 1mA, while the APC circuit is designed to control the drive current with an accuracy of 1μA. The temperature control section consists of a temperature control circuit and a temperature limiter circuit. Other functions include an external control input connector, drive current input, temperature setting input, LD drive current monitor, PD photodetector current monitor, temperature monitor, LD start/reset, external control switching switch, and temperature error display. The product is calibrated from the external control switching switch and the temperature error output. This product uses a volume type for LD/PD drive current and a dial type switch for various types of switching, in consideration of LD damage due to various input errors and field usability. Therefore, this product can protect LDs and maintain stable, high-precision control for a long period of time and provide highly reproducible data, not only for experienced users but also for first-time users of semiconductor lasers.


GP-IB or RS-232C communication board can be added as an option.

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